Risk Management Assessment (RMA)

All coaches are required by Washington State Youth Soccer to undergo a Risk Management Assessment (RMA) prior to coaching any soccer club in the state of Washington. The registration for an RMA is entered into a system called Affinity.

When registering for your RMA:

  • Use your legal name
  • The name you register in Affinity must match the name you are registered in Bonzi

The systems are VERY specific, right down to spacing and punctuation!

RMA Registration Link: https://wys-bgc.affinitysoccer.com

Summer Tournaments

Teams are encourated to participate in 2 -3 tournaments during the summer to prepare for the Fall season. Click the below link for a full list of the Washington Sanctioned tournaments:

Washington Sanctioned Tournaments

Summer Tournament Rosters - IMPORTANT!

If you intend to play in any tournaments this summer, your roster must be signed off by our registrar. The registrar needs a few weeks' notice before getting it signed off and back to you. Please request your roster two weeks in advance of your tournament!

Coaching Licenses

Storm King FC is asking all coaches to complete at minimum the online Grass Roots 4 v 4 certification which now replaces the F license. Contact the Storm King treasurer for reimbursement ($25) once you have completed the course. Storm King FC is working toward the goal of all head coaches having a D license or higher. Each year, Storm King FC sends a select handful of coaches to various coaching clinics. These coaching clinics are very in depth and time consuming but absolutely necessary to provide the best coaching possible for our athletes.

License information:

NPSL Regular Season

It is highly recommended to establish a team manager prior to the regular NPSL season. If no team manager is assigned, the coach assumes the responsibilities of the team manager.

The Team Manager's responsibilities are found on: Team Manager Corner

In addition, it is very important to review all the NPSL League documentation in preparation for the season. The documentation can be found at:

NPSL League documentation: http://www.northpugetsoundleague.org/about-us-1/documents-3

Code of Conduct
Player Safety

Keeping our players safe is our first concern. Please review these links for the latest information.

Concussions and Head Injuries


2018 Coaches

Boys U10 (2009)

  • Dave Breckinridge
  • Lijah Sanford

Girls U10 (2009)

  • Jay Marazon
  • Chris Bruning

Boys U11 (2008)

  • Kyle Kautzman
  • Kris Henrikson

Girls U11 (2009)

  • Dustin Curb

Boys U12 Blue (2007)

  • Mike Miller
  • Dave Henderson
  • Santiago Musso

Boys U12 White (2007)

  • Candice Rocha

Girls U12 (2007)

  • Kevin Brewer

Boys U13 (2006)

  • Beth Barrett
  • Isaac Peiffer

Girls U13 (2006)

  • Javier Gomez
  • Robin Henrikson

Boys U14 (2005)

  • Daniel Servin
  • Geoff McClain
  • Chris Riffle

Boys U15 (2004)

  • Dan Wagner
  • Jim Lawson
  • Austin Wagner

Girls U14/15 (2004-2005)

  • Carl Weber
  • Matt Williams

Boys U16 (2003)

  • Juan Carlos Cisneros

Boys U18 (2001)

  • Mike McAleer
  • Aaron St. George

Boys U19 (1999-2000)

  • John Porlier
  • Steve Methner